We need to acknowledge the reality that our need for fossil fuels is not going away any time soon. Too many of us have vehicles that need natural gas and oil. We will remove all bureaucracy that increases the cost for the fuel we need NOW!! We will repeal all laws and agreements that increase our cost to get us the fuel we need here immediately. We will negotiate the cheapest cost of fuel any place in the world so long as it will help our people here in this state IMMEDIATELY!! The high cost of fuel is hurting us now. We cannot accept political leaders justifying our high cost because of wars that are hurting our own people now. We cannot accept political leaders justifying our high cost and ability to feed our families and communities because they have told us to believe that battery energy is ‘GREEN’. We are able to think for ourselves and recognize that BATTERY energy is definitely NOT ‘Green’. Disposed batteries harm the environment. We all know this. We cannot be told to believe something that is a lie. The truth is that all forms of energy that is ANY addition to the sunlight that God created is harmful to some degree. But to be told that fossil fuels is more harmful than batteries is a complete lie. And there is no question that disposable batteries will hurt our environment more in the long run. We should produce more energy within our state in the form of geothermal, hydrogen, solar, and wind. Political decisions will not determine which form of energy individuals decide to use. A free and open market economy will. All forms of energy will be available for individuals to pursue their preference. Political leaders will not make that decision for us. But we also need to make sure we negotiate the cheapest fuel directly to our state immediately. When we have the cheapest fuel prices in the nation, all our additional costs are going to come down as well. That means when we reduce government spending, decrease our cost of fuel, and all other costs as a result, our quality of life is going to increase dramatically. Hawaii will be admired as the best place to live due to the environment and our cost of living. Hawaii does not need to be the most expensive state in the nation to live. It is our corrupt political leaders that have accepted bribes to keep our costs high far too long.

Immediately, we are going to get fuel to our state at the lowest possible price. And produce as much of our own energy as possible. We are also going to be the first state in the nation to identify how to properly dispose of batteries in the most environmentally responsible way possible. We need to do this for our people now and for the next generation.

My opponent in the general election stands with our corrupt political leaders and does not represent the people’s best interests.

I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote in the general election so that we can begin making these necessary changes immediately for our people.

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