I will make sure we have strong armed forces within our state. I will never waste taxpayer money on battles outside of our boundaries. I will build strong forces within our state that will cause all enemies to fear going to battle with our forces. But I will never make our taxpayers believe that I should spend their money to fight a battle outside of our boundaries that will not improve their economic livelihood. If any enemy comes in to our territory, we will be prepared and ready to fight. But unless they threaten or come to our boundaries, we will always protect our taxpayer’s hard earned money. We will always fight when it is in the best economic interests of our people. We will not fight battles that will harm our people’s livelihoods. We are for WORLD PEACE. We are for NEVER WAR as much as possible. We are for military strength. But only use that strength if an enemy threatens or comes on our territory. All threats will be investigated thoroughly prior to taking action.


My opponent in the general election is aligned with the political elites that want to waste your taxpayer money in order to profit themselves.

I humbly ask for your vote in the general election so that we can always protect our taxpayer money to be used for our own communities. Let’s build ourselves and never look back to the days of political corruption and greed again. We can do this!! As your elected leader, I will fight for YOU every day!!

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